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The Shed

HOURLY RATE: $40/HR \ $400/DAY

9AM - 9PM

What is different about this shed? different classification 

- it's in a backyard - 


Where is it?

- 146 Piedmont Ave, 37216, Nashville 


Why are you doing it? 

- E



- Discounts at Nelsons, Drumgees, BFSD, Nashville drummer podcast?

The Nashville Shed Story

Summer Drum Camps

Summer Drum Camp 

Live Nashville Drummers Podcast with Audience 

Entrepreneurship by Jake Schell

Summer Production Camp 

Produce your own song everyday (sounds from kitchen and etc.)

Private lessons with Taylor

Lesson Studio $80 / Hr

• 30 Min to hour lessons one day of the week

Private Lessons w/ Taylor

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